3 Events to Celebrate with Your Loved Ones

Being in a relationship is a great feeling; you get to be with someone who has really captured your heart, and you tend to want to celebrate every little thing with them. Even when you get married, celebration is part and parcel of being in love with someone.

The same goes for any relationship you have; whether it’s your friends or your family, it’s always fun to get together with those you love the most and have a huge celebration. After all, is it really a celebration if you aren’t surrounded by your favourite people in life?

So, if you’re looking for an excuse to have a bit of a party and you’re falling short of ideas – we can help!

Significant Anniversaries

We’re not just talking wedding milestones here – although, they’re also a perfect excuse for a party, too. If you’ve had some sort of relationship with someone for a long time, then why not celebrate it? Just because you haven’t gotten married to your best friend, it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the years that you’ve known each other!

Barbeque party

It’s even better if there’s a large group of you that have been through thick and thin over the years – the more people you can invite, the better! Why not head to your favourite venue and have a proper party? Let’s face it, being friends for over 10 years after high school has finished is some feat – and it is a great excuse to get together and celebrate!

Life Events

Life loves to keep us on our toes; along the way, there’s a lot of ups and downs and it can often feel like an emotional rollercoaster – so why not celebrate those highs?

Whether it’s a job promotion, a new baby, graduation – or even a farewell party for someone who is jetting off on a trip of a lifetime, get your party on and invite all your friends and family for an evening of fun and frolics!

We are finally graduated! Four happy college graduates in graduation gowns throwing their mortar boards and smiling while standing near university

Celebrating the highs makes those boring bits in life a little bit less significant – we know we’d rather remember a fantastic party where we enjoyed ourselves rather than a mediocre week where we did nothing but worry about work!

Hen and Stag Parties

No matter how big or small your group of friends or family is, there’s always going to be a wedding cropping up. Before you even think about heading to the wedding reception, there’s the small task of organising the pre-celebrations – namely the hen and stag parties.

Now, the typical hen and stag dos often involve jetting off to a warm country and spending a week in the sun with a beer in each hand, or alternatively a night out on the town with your best friends to celebrate your last night out as a single.

Laughing friends clinking champagne glasses at a hen night looking at camera

However, this type of celebration isn’t for everyone, and rather than trail around trying to find bars to go into, you could hold a private party at a venue of your choice instead. That way you’ve always got a seat and won’t be bothered by other people who aren’t in your party!

It’s also the perfect opportunity to try some of your vendors – why not ask your caterer to put on a meal for you and your party, or see how you feel about the lighting options that you’ve chosen!

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate – so why not take the opportunity and enjoy yourself?

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