3 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas to WOW Your Guests

Every bride wants her wedding to have that WOW factor. It’s the one of the biggest days of your life and therefore it’s normal to want everything to be perfect. This definitely applies to the wedding reception in which you have the opportunity to be as creative as you like!

Do you want your guests to be talking about your wedding for years to come? Of course you do! Grab yourself a cup of tea and spend some time looking at our pick of fantastic and fun wedding reception ideas.

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Opt for Food with a Difference

When you think of a wedding reception, you think of a sit down three or four course meal. Whilst this formal type of meal is a time honoured part of a wedding, we love the idea of doing something a little different.

Some people are now opting to hire food trucks for their wedding, giving their guests a unique experience. You can hire different types, depending on your requirements. Our favourite idea is hiring a pizza food truck; everyone can choose their own toppings!

Other ideas include having a live chef station where people can see what is being cooked – this is a fun way to get people talking at this part of the wedding.

Choose a Memorable Guest Book

A guest book is traditionally a paper based book that is signed by the guests. They usually write congratulation messages and well wishes for the future. These days, people are being a lot more creative with them. There are lots of different ideas to choose from but here are some of our favourites.

  • Pebbles – Everyone writes a short and sweet message onto a pebble. These can be kept as decoration in your house.
  • Postcards – Ask your guests to write their congratulations onto a postcard. You can then hang these up for everyone to read.
  • A Globe – We just think that this looks amazing. Instead of signing a book, you ask your guests to write their messages on a globe. It can have pride of place in your house afterwards.

Your guests will be Wowed at the effort that you have put into creating something different and memorable.

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Create a Magical Atmosphere with Lights

Lighting up your wedding reception is something that needs careful thought and planning – you don’t want any old lights! The lights you choose will act as a part of the wedding decor – so you should think carefully about it beforehand. The right type of lighting can make everything look so much better!

Here at Monitor Lighting, we provide lots of different lighting options that are perfect for weddings. These include:

  • Fairy light canopy – Fairy lights are perfect for adding that magical touch to your venue. They will give your wedding a fairytale feel that your guests will be enchanted by.
  • Light up letters – Light up letters have recently become very popular in weddings. They can add sparkle to your wedding and leave your guests amazed. You can choose from a number of letter, shape and number combinations.
  • Star Cloth – This lighting option is fantastic for weddings. It helps to set the romantic mood of the wedding and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests.
  • Wedding Lanterns – Amaze your guests with our breathtaking wedding lanterns. They provide a unique and beautiful backdrop for all those special wedding photos.

These are just some of the options that we have available.

To find out more about the wedding lighting options that we have here at Monitor Lighting, please contact us today on 07950 729708 and we will be more than happy to help you out.



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