3 Reasons Why Wedding Lanterns Are Better Than Chinese Lanterns

On your special day you might want something different and magical to mark the day you and your other half vowed to stand side by side throughout your years. A lot of people enjoy marking their wedding by releasing the ever popular Chinese Lanterns into the night sky during their reception.

Hanging Strands of Lights

As beautiful and fairy like as these lanterns are, our wedding lanterns are just as magical and they come with a couple of perks Chinese Lanterns can’t offer you.


There’s No Risk of Fire

Chinese Lanterns are like mini hot air balloons. The small flame at their centre lifts them up into the air where the air currents carry them out of your sight. Unfortunately sometimes the lanterns don’t extinguish themselves before they land in an unsuspecting field and along a hedgerows.

Wedding Lanterns, however, are lit from within with the power of our friendly electricity. Not only does this allow us to control when they’re turned on and off, but they also pose no risk of fire to the environment.


Flying Chinese Lanterns


No Risk of Harm to Livestock

As beautiful as Chinese Lanterns are, there’s no guarantee they’ll land in a bin a few miles from your venue. Most of the time they find their ways into gardens and fields full with curious, hungry livestock. This imposes a great danger to animals through ingesting the lanterns.

Wedding lanterns are secured in place via their hangings preventing them from flying off anywhere.


Calf - iStock_000036774334_Large


You Can Appreciate Them All Day

Wedding Lanterns are the perfect accessory for a magical atmosphere all day long. A stunning, fairy-tale decoration for any venue or wedding reception, our wedding lanterns are powered by electricity, meaning you don’t need to watch their light diminish throughout your celebration, and they’re firmly secured in place via wires, allowing your first, second or even third dance to take place under their soft light.


Hydrandea and rose flowers with white candles placed on table


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