5 Tips for the Perfect Winter Wedding

The winter season is one filled with love, family, togetherness and comfort, and all of these reasons have contributed to it being a popular season for many couples to get married. There is a magical element and atmosphere winter brings, and this can be enhanced to create an enchanting and truly memorable day for many.

There are many elements that can help heighten and contribute to the perfect winter wedding, and if you are thinking of getting married during the winter season, we at Monitor Lighting have compiled five tips to help you create the perfect day. 

bride and groom in the winter woods

The Right Colour is Everything

Colours are an important factor to represent the theme of the wedding, and they come to life in the outdoor wedding photos, as within the winter, snowy landscapes and effects present a neutral backdrop. Here is a tip to keep in mind regarding colour:

  • Bright colours can be used depending on your preference, as these can really stand out against a white background. The great thing with colours is you can really try different ones out to see what you prefer, and it can really speak your personality.

Think About Layers

As we all know, winter is a cold time of the year, and staying warm is an extremely important aspect of the wedding, especially if some parts of the day are to be outside. The trick is to balance warmth with style, enabling you and guests to enjoy the celebrations in warmth and in fashionable style. Here are some options for layering throughout the day:

  • Faux fur shawls
  • Pretty lace scarfs
  • Matching tailored coats or blazers for both the groom and bride.

Winter Wedding iStock_000011507746_Small

Season Theme

Winter weddings can give you a truly unique day and experience, as you can incorporate the season into the décor – making the day a total package. There are many ways you can work winter effortlessly into your theme, giving you a huge variation of ways to make your wedding more like you. Think about ways you can be creative to bring the winter theme by:

  • Include décor which is glittered, delicate, and incorporates the frosty effect to reflect snow
  • Provide a hot chocolate bar with delicious fixings to really create the hygge effect.

Flowers and Bouquets

Throughout winter, there are numerous types of flowers which decrease due to the change in climate, and this can limit your choices for the day. However, there are many options you can choose from which will not stretch your budget, here are some choices and alternatives you can consider brightening your winter wedding:

  • Silk flowers offer a realistic look, and they can last longer and withstand weather better
  • Vintage badges and hair ties with gems create gorgeous bouquets and centrepieces. They add sparkle and are incredibly fun to create.

Beautiful Lighting

As the light in the days is shorter throughout the winter, your choice of lighting is an essential part of your wedding day. Winter darkness is a fantastic opportunity for introducing your creative lighting options. You can incorporate them into the winter theme by using:

  • Vintage lamps
  • Large candles
  • White Christmas lights

At Monitor Lighting, we have a large array of light options for you to consider throughout your decoration, including:

Fairy lights at a party

We hope you found these tips from Monitor Lighting useful when it comes to planning your winter wedding. If you would like to know more about our wedding services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to help. In the meantime, browse through our gallery to get a better idea of what we provide.


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