7 Tips for an Excellent Corporate Event

We know that there is just one word you want to hear after the corporate event you organised is over, and that’s ‘excellent’. Dreaming about the perfect scenario where everyone is happy and enjoying their time while the name of your company is enhanced is the only thing that keeps you motivated through the challenges of organising this kind of events. We know how stressful this can be so here’s our 7 top tips on planning the event of your dreams – and keeping your sanity intact!

1. Know your target audience. This is the most important factor because it decides everything else. Maybe this is an internal event to celebrate the company’s achievements; in that case, everyone will know each other, so friendliness should be the norm and less formal things are allowed. On the other hand, if the event is to launch a new project to your clients or to gain more investors, perhaps you prefer to organise something classic to assure success.

2. Schedule wisely. You might think any date that suits you and the organisers of the event is good, but you should check that it’s not too close to bank holidays. Avoiding popular vacation times is also reasonable. Besides, consider other events your target audience may be interested in attending so you don’t put yours on the same day!

3. Control the budget. Let’s be realistic about this, because money is not infinite. Before organising anything you need to sit down with your accountants to go through every cost from the catering to the venue, the lights, the sound… Always put an extra 10% on your budget because surprises will happen – so you’d better be prepared!


4. Market your event! If you don’t spread the word around no one will know about your incredible event. Make sure the marketing department at your company is working on this. Social media is also very useful to reach more people in case you’re looking for potential customers and investors.

5. Branding. Everything should reflect the brand of your company, but nothing is more boring than putting your logo on everything. Instead, try to be more creative, using the colours of your brand in the decoration and ensuring that the style of the event outlines the values of your company.

6. Choose the right venue. Firstly, how many people are attending? Nothing would be more awkward than not having enough space to accommodate everyone – or having booked a massive conference room for just a dozen people! Once you are sure about this, you can pick a venue that will make your audience feel comfortable. Hotels and conference centres are classical choices. More adventurous audiences will enjoy things like cruises. And if the event is for your company’s employees, what about a resort where everyone can enjoy a well-deserved rest?

7. Catering. And last but not least… food! This is what is going to make everyone happy. You don’t want to bring just a few cookies if the event lasts all day, or mix sushi with red wine for dinner. A buffet is ideal if you want to be able to discuss business and network easily, whilst a plated meal can be a better choice to enjoy with your company or sponsors. In any case, it’s a good idea to distribute food throughout the event – first starters, then a main dish, a late dessert – so no one feels hungry and miserable!


If you want to make sure your event shines make sure you also have the right lighting to create exactly the atmosphere you want. We have uplighters that will make your event classy and create an occasion that your audience won’t forget. And to make sure nobody misses the boss’s big speech, you can also contract our PA services. Contact us today to discuss your expectations and we’re confident your event will end up a great success!


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