7 Top Tips to Plan the Perfect Work Summer Party

So you have the responsibility of planning the next work summer party for your company. Perhaps you are already having nightmares with the instability of the British weather and all the other challenges of an event outdoors. However, summer parties are also an opportunity to hang out with colleagues whilst enjoying the sun outside. It will be impossible not to have fun! But, of course, you need a good plan…

Champagne Toast

1. Save the Date

Summer is that time of the year when most of the employees decide to take holidays, especially because of the good weather and children being out of school. So, if you don’t want to be alone at your work summer party – and having to drink all the Champagne by yourself – decide on the date early in the year so people can accommodate their plans around it!

2. Budget

Everybody knows it: money is important. If the price of the venue is high then you may decide you don’t need aerial artists to pour the drinks… Sit down, think about the numbers, and this will definitely narrow down your choices.


4. Venue

It’s summer, so don’t even consider an indoor option! Buildings can be especially suffocating at this time of the year, plus everyone will be happy to have a change of setting. If you’re worried about the rain (everyone knows it will rain at some point, to be honest) there are lots of creative solutions. For instance, you could distribute branded umbrellas at the beginning of the event. Or you could have a canopy or marquee where everyone can run into in the case of a summer storm. Don’t forget to lighten up the inside with beautiful fairy lights!

Business Event

Also, as the day advances and the light fades, the temperature will naturally decrease. You don’t want people freezing just when the boss is going to give his talk to the staff! A good idea is to bring heaters outside and even blankets.

Finally, to set the mood, why not have the name of your company in light up letters? This is an original way to branding the event and creating an atmosphere when the sun is gone.

Light Up Giant Word - Bar

5. Menu

Catering for an array of dietary restrictions can be challenging, and making sure that everyone can tuck into some delicious grub is important for any event. Fresh food is your best friend, since heat can spoil dishes that contain things such as cream and sauces.

We suggest you go to your local market and select seasonal veggies and fruits. It will be cheap plus this is the kind of food everyone craves during summer. Make sure to have plenty of water and fresh drinks too!

Of course, if you’re planning a large scale event, hiring a caterer may be the most sensible option.

Bowl with strawberries

6. Entertainment

As the day advances, you want to keep everyone entertained. There are multiple options such as a magician for that unique ‘wow moment’, or a band that can play old favourites that everyone will love. More adventurous things include acrobats and stilt walkers. And, if you want everyone to enjoy the show, we can make sure that the stage lighting is perfect for the artists.

Fairy lights at a party

7. Gifts

Finally, you want people to keep the best memory of the work summer party – in the end, these kind of events are held to celebrate the spirit of the company and make everyone feel that they are part of a big family. Photo booths are a popular and fun choice, and you can also have goodie bags to share with everyone at the end of the night.

Here at Monitor Lighting we pride ourselves on being experts in setting the lighting and PA systems for corporate events. Contact our friendly team at any time and we’ll be delighted to help you organise this memorable occasion!


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