Autumn Wedding Lighting Ideas

As summer turns to autumn, the days are getting shorter but that’s not always a bad thing! Here at Monitor Lighting, we truly believe that beautiful lighting can transform an autumn wedding into something warm, cosy and beautiful. Here are five great ideas for lighting your autumnal wedding in style.

Use Uplighting

If you’re opting for an indoor reception, consider uplighting. It’ll not only give a cosy, intimate feel to your room, but it’ll also drench your walls in a beautiful orange colour, echoing the tones of the leaves outside. If you’re keen to match your lighting colour to your exact colour scheme, you could always opt for shades in the colour (or colours) of your choice too.


Opt for Fairy Lights

Fairy lights offer a magical glow to any wedding, and the possibilities are endless. Use to drape across tables, among the branches of trees or hanging in outdoor gazebos and other structures for a truly beautiful feel.

Consider Candles

If you’re worried about tables catching fire, you can always opt for electrical or LED versions of the real thing instead – or choose floating candles in high vases. Flickering candlelight immediately sets the mood to romantic, and candles combined with autumnal coloured centrepieces give a great seasonal vibe to any wedding.

romantic candles iStock_000000757543_Small

Create an Indoor or Outdoor Canopy

If your venue has a wooden beamed ceiling, or if you have the space outdoors, consider creating a canopy of lights: they’ll give your whole venue a truly inviting glow and keep the area well lit, even late into the evening.

Suspend Lanterns from the Ceiling

Pretty glass lanterns can be filled with candles and suspended from the ceiling – either at the same height or at different heights. They make an instant impact, and the theme can even be carried through to any outdoor areas as the sun goes down.

Great event lighting should be dramatic and make the right impact – and wedding lighting is no different. If you’re looking to make your autumn wedding truly shine, contact us to find out how

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