Best Themes for Autumn Parties

It is now the time where the kids are going back to school, which is a great opportunity for you and your friends to socialise during the day or even during the night when the kids are occupied elsewhere or having a sleepover at their friends’ house.

At Monitor Lighting, we know how important it is to have the best party with the best features, from uplighters to stage hire, which is why we can provide some of the best themes for end of summer or autumn parties.

Autumn Harvest

This type of party is a great way to decorate your house, garden, or conservatory with whatever you want. Use autumnal colours to cover any tables, chairs, and other furniture you may have. If you want to display your organisation skills, then you can have excellent lighting features that portray the autumnal theme.

Fairy lights at a party

Autumn Equinox Party

On 22nd September, the Autumn Equinox will be upon us. It’s one of the four most special days in the solar calendar, as it is the day where there are equal amounts of day and night. It is also a time in some cultures, where you should make a fresh start; forget about any bad or unfortunate things that have happened during the year and look forward to all of the good things that will happen.

If you are into parties, this is a fantastic way to celebrate with your family and friends with a stage and beautiful lights. A great example would be to have a band playing and fairy lights surrounding the garden.

Garden party

Halloween Inspired Party

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in the year – possibly even on par with the celebration of Easter and Christmas. It’s a time where people get to dress up, go trick or treating, and have lots of fun. Because of all of these aspects, a Halloween inspired party is a perfect accompaniment to months of celebrations.

Halloween party sweets

Guy Fawkes Inspired Party

It may seem a bit unusual, given the fact that Guy Fawkes night is less than two months away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get some fireworks or have a nice camp fire outside. A great example of a Guy Fawkes inspired party is if you were to hire a band and have your family and friends celebrating with you.

Exploding fireworks against a black sky background

All of these party ideas will be a great way to show off your creative side, as well as a way to celebrate any occasion with your family and friends. If you have the perfect idea for an end of summer or autumn party and you want to make it a reality, then Monitor Lighting have the expertise and knowledge to make that come true.

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