Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo: Magical Weddings

It’s pretty obvious to say that our culture is somewhat obsessed with weddings – the romance of these events is completely enchanting, and almost magical. It’s not difficult to understand, then, why more and more people are choosing to give their wedding that magical theme. From Harry Potter to Cinderella, people just can’t get enough of the magical element. Need a little inspiration for your fairytale wedding? Read on for our favourite themes!

Harry Potter

Who can knock a Harry Potter themed wedding? There’s so much that you can incorporate into your big day to give it that Hogwarts feel! Why not turn your venue into the Great Hall and use some of our star cloths for that regal yet magical touch. We love the idea of having a ‘potions’ table where guests can brew their own drinks – from Felix Felicis to Polyjuice Potion! You could even give out ‘wands’ as favours for the guests – each one with its own certificate so your guest knows whether they’ve got a phoenix feather or dragon heartstring core!

Game of Thrones

Now, this television series may not be known for ‘happily ever after’ storylines, and its characters don’t seem to have much luck when it comes to weddings, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it as inspiration for your wedding day! Ethereal dresses, outdoor locations and medieval accessories will put the finishing touches onto the wedding fit for a king and queen. Just make sure to get your guests in on the action and invite them to dress up as their favourite Game of Thrones character!

The Lord of the Rings

The residents of the Shire sure know how to throw a party, so where better to take inspiration from than J.R.R. Tolkein’s fantasy world of The Lord of the Rings?! The fireworks might not be quite as impressive as those that Merry and Pippin manage to get their hands on, but you could still put on a show for your guests. Whether you opt for a Shire themed day or feel that an Elvish wedding is more your style, a fairy light canopy would be the perfect finishing touch. Oh, and then there’s the ring of course!

The Wizard of Oz

There’s one song that seems to be a feature of pretty much every wedding – ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. So, why not take things that one step further and incorporate it as a whole theme? Obviously, you’ll need brains, heart and courage, but why not turn the aisle into a yellow brick road and decorate your venue with hot air balloons and lanterns? Then you can choose this classic song for your first dance and complete the theme!


Every little girl dreams of having the perfect fairytale wedding, so why not use your favourite stories to inspire your big day? You can pick your favourite fairytale or throw them all together for the ultimate Disney wedding. Whether you choose a Snow White themed event with apple decorations or an Alice in Wonderland theme with ‘drink me’ bottles, the perfect way to tie it all together is with some magical lanterns to light up your venue.

Whether you choose the magic theme or not, we can say with some confidence that your big day will be completely and utterly magical. Even more so when you capture the romance with some beautiful lighting! As we provide wedding lighting hire in Essex, we know that a few carefully placed lights can go a long way to creating the perfect mood. If you would like to transform your venue into Hogwarts, the Shire or maybe even Wonderland, get in touch with us today and take advantage of our magical lighting options! Call 0845 094 1162 to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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