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5 Occasions that Need a Dancefloor

There are loads of opportunities to roll out a dancefloor and get your boogie on, so when you do you may as well make it stylish. For many people, the difference between a good dancefloor and a great dancefloor is decided by glitter and lights. Fortunately for you, our range of dancefloors for hire in

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Tips for Planning Your Spring Wedding

Spring is quite possibly the most beautiful time of year for a wedding; with the warmer weather and the blossoming flora, it’s easy to see why so many brides- and grooms-to-be opt for this time of year to tie the knot. Each season has its own advantages and challenges when it comes to planning your

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5 Tips for the Perfect Winter Wedding

The winter season is one filled with love, family, togetherness and comfort, and all of these reasons have contributed to it being a popular season for many couples to get married. There is a magical element and atmosphere winter brings, and this can be enhanced to create an enchanting and truly memorable day for many.


20 Simple Ways to Transform Your Wedding Reception: Part 2

Wedding receptions are a well-remembered part of the wedding day, and it can be stressful coming up with and developing unique ways to make yours stand out and different from others whilst making it personal. Following on from part one, here are more simple ways to transform your wedding reception.

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