Events Throughout the Year that Every Event Planner Should Be Aware of

Any occasion can be turned into a big and fun event to be celebrated, and the multitude of events all over the UK are a great example! Throughout the year there are a few main events that, as an event planner, you simply need to be aware of.


Anniversaries are always important events; from the first wedding anniversary to a fantastic 60th, as an event planner ensuring your clients have a memorable day is vital. Light up letters are a great way of marking how special the anniversary date is!



Absolute perfection is needed for weddings, as they are extremely important in couples’ lives. Complex and detailed planning, including decoration, food, wedding lanterns, and music are needed for wedding planning, as this event requires planning to start around a year and a half before the special day arrives.


Valentine’s Day

One of the most romantic days of the year, St Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love and romance. This globally celebrated day is an important celebration for any couple, and one that requires perfection and attention to detail.


St Patrick’s Day

Celebrated all over the world on March 17th, St Patrick’s Day celebrates Ireland’s patron saint and marks a national holiday. Beginning in the 17th century as a religious feast day, it has become an international celebration of Irish culture. Dancing and special foods are aplenty in the midst of greenery and fun.



The spookiest day of the year, Halloween is always celebrated with a fun party filled with friends and family. Themed costume parties are fun to plan, as there is complete freedom of choice when it comes to accessories, food, and other things such as dance floors.


Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is held on different dates, depending on the country. In the UK, November 5th marks Guy Fawkes Night and is typically associated with food such as black peas, toffee apples, and jacket potato. Fireworks illuminate the night sky in a wonderful display, providing the perfect end to a fun day.



Whether it’s a family Christmas party or a corporate one, Christmas is all about happiness and joy and should be celebrated as such! Add style and create the perfect environment with a stage, in which musicians can entertain the guests for the best possible addition to the party.


New Year’s Eve

Still part of the wonderful festive season, New Year’s Eve is an important day. The last day of the year always marks the potential of revitalising one’s life and renew any resolution. A fairy light canopy is ideal for a touch of magic and a hint of Christmas.


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