Great Bands and Their Even Greater Light Shows

If you’ve ever been to see a band play live, you may have noticed that more often than not, the music just isn’t enough to make a great show. These days, bands are investing in a whole range of things from pyrotechnics to confetti in order to really and truly grab a crowds attention. But, as you may be able to guess from our name, what we’re really interested in is the lighting! So take a look with us as we discuss some of the greatest bands and their impressive light shows.


Now, if there’s any band that’s known for putting on a show, it’s Muse. These guys really know how to take advantage of every piece of equipment known to bands and they make sure that their fans are left completely in awe after paying the hefty price for a ticket to see them perform. The band has a habit of making sure that at some point during their set they bring up the lights, exposing the faces of everyone in the crowd, which, when at an arena tour or festival, looks pretty impressive!


Let’s take things back to around 40 years ago when glam rock was just about to hit the world, and you’ll find a band you may have heard of – Kiss. Their live shows tend to feature plenty of face paint, metallic platforms, fireworks and a touch of fake (we hope) blood! These veterans of rock still know how to put a show on, and continue to wow audiences year after year. One of their best tools has got to be their use of lights, particularly the notorious Kiss logo that sits proudly behind them, lit up for the crowd to see.

Above and Beyond

This list wouldn’t be complete without a good old trance group to show everyone how a light show is really done! Above and Beyond know how to treat their fans to a show and they put on quite the display of lights as they blast out their well known and loved tunes. The lights can go from completely down to full laser show within seconds, making sure that the crowd is always kept completely entertained!


While they may be known to some as being a thoroughly uninteresting band, Coldplay are pretty good at making sure that their live shows are anything but! Their use of lighting makes for a great experience as the huge crowds are lit up by wandering spotlights. The video below also displays some fantastic audience participation as the crowd hold up their phones to light up the venue.

Umphrey’s McGee

You may not have heard of this progressive jam rock band, but think of Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa or early Genesis, and you have the type of sound this band are creating. But the thing that we’re most taken by is their incredible light shows that they put on for every live show. They’ve managed to create something that is almost, if not more captivating than the music that they play with the range of colours, shapes and effects they create in lights.

Audiences are looking for more from their favourite bands these days – great music just isn’t enough anymore. So, with more and more bands choosing to take advantage of lighting, you can enjoy an incredible light show when you go to a gig. Now, we may not specialise in lasers and arena lighting, but we do know how to complete your event through lights. If you would like to find out more about how we can improve your event through lighting hire in Essex and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling 0845 094 1162 to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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