How to Find the Perfect Theme for Your Work Summer Party

If you want your work summer party to be truly special this year, why not add a theme to it? It can be very fun and inspiring for your guests, and definitely something they will remember and talk about in the years to come!

However, when deciding what would be the best theme you may find yourself completely clueless. There are so many different people in your company that it might seem impossible to please them all!

1. Be Creative

Never underestimate the surprise factor! Because it is summer, it might seem very tempting to go for the usual picnic style but, really, how many times have people seen that already? Instead, try to come up with some awesome theme that will make the party unique. Don’t do all the thinking on your own but share your ideas – or even better, organise a brainstorm – with the event planners who are going to help you.

2. What’s on Trend?

Do you want a truly WOW theme? Then check out what’s on trend; what’s the most recent film breaking the box office, or the most favourite series at the moment and so on? By choosing a theme that is everywhere around, you will be making your party relevant and up to date.

3. Colours

Nothing can give more cohesion to your theme than colours, so don’t choose them randomly. For instance, warm colours such as yellow and pink are very summery. Black and white will guarantee you a classy event. Also, consider the colours of your company, perhaps they can be added to the theme! And, when the night starts falling down, project some colour lights to create a unique atmosphere.


4. Food

If you are really struggling to come up with a great theme, why not choose the food first and then pick a theme inspired by it? After all, everyone loves eating! For instance, nachos and guacamole would be perfect for a Mexican party, whereas burgers and pancakes will Americanise your event – you can even try a Japanese theme with sushi: everyone gets to dress up in kimonos and the ladies can wear geisha-inspired make up!

5. Lights

If you want to create a proper atmosphere to suit and enhance your theme, lights are your perfect allies. How you illuminate the space will have an impact on your guests: if the lights are strong they will be more on alert, whereas if they are soft they will tend to relax.

Here at Monitor Lighting we have a wide range of options. You can hire our uplighters – a subtle way of creating an atmosphere – or more noticeable things such as a fairy light canopy and light up letters.


6. Magic Is in the Details

The best way to assure a successful theme is to pay attention to every detail to make sure they are in harmony with it. For instance, you could name each of the tables after something related to the theme – such as locations, characters and so on. Decorations are also great to transport your guests directly to the atmosphere you are after. You don’t need to have lots of them, though, just the essentials that will reinforce your chosen theme.

If you want a team of dedicated technicians who will ensure that the lighting at your corporate summer party is nothing but outstanding, contact our friendly team today and we’ll be pleased to help!




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