Industry Lighting Tips: Why Using Lighting Correctly Is Important

You may not realise how important using the right lighting is for your event. Different lighting techniques can create very different results, and without researching how each will affect your photos or atmosphere, you may be setting yourself up for a shock.

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Don’t fret! As leading lighting experts and providers of illuminated dance floor hire in Essex, we have all the lighting techniques covered. Here are some lighting industry secrets that will help you find that perfect lighting solution!

News Readers Are Perfectly Lit

Have you ever noticed how flawless news anchors seem to be on your TV screen? Believe it or not, the reason that they look so perfect is thank to the lighting that is used.

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Using a soft, even light, lighting experts create the illusion of flawless skin and coupled with a darker, dimly lit background, your focus is drawn to the news anchor rather than what is going on behind them. Cool, huh?

Artists Also Use Lighting Techniques

The light that artists use within their studio can greatly affect how other lighting will make the painting look. Different lights will make all the difference when it comes to exhibiting their art, as certain aspects may be enhanced or dulled down for the person viewing the piece.

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For example, incandescent lighting can really make the red and yellows in a piece of art stand out, whereas halogen lit areas can enhance the white tones. Fluorescent lights can also greatly distort the colour.

Photographers Use Lighting to Their Advantage

We’re guessing you already know this one, but great photographers know how to get the best shots by altering the lighting to make their subject fit the look and feel of the photographs that are required.

For example, a photographer may use soft, natural-looking light for wedding photos to make the couple look natural and flawless, but may make use of shadows and more dramatic lighting for a more grungy, striking shoot.

Event Lighting for Solo and Band Performances

Although photographers can edit the lighting conditions in post-production when editing the images, but it is helpful to get the lighting right initially so that your photographer doesn’t need to do any additional, unnecessary editing.

Theatre and Film

Lighting is incredibly important in film and more so in theatre for creating and enhancing atmospheres in different scenes.

Much like in photography, lighting is key in depicting the subject in the scene in a particular way, and even the colour of the lighting can dramatically change the way that viewers will perceive how the character is feeling or acting.

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As you can see, lighting is important in many different industries and should be one of the first aspects of your event that you plan. Make sure that you are choosing the right lighting option for the mood and atmosphere that you want to create for your event.

If you are looking for the perfect lighting solution, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Monitor Lighting. From beautiful up lighting options to funky dance floors, we have all your lighting needs covered.

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