Make Your Event Photos Look Amazing

In honour of World Photography Day yesterday, we’ve put together a list of how to make your pictures look incredible on your big day. Whether it’s a Sweet Sixteen, your wedding day or a conference you’re planning, the photographs are your key to unlock memories at the end.

Here is our guide how to make your event look stunning on film.


Soft Lighting

Having multiple light sources around a room will prevent glare from overhead lights and create a stunning setup in person and on your pictures!

Fairy lights are the obvious choice for a fairytale wedding but consider venturing into other areas as well. Our uplighting hire in Essex would create the perfect ambience for any marquee or hall. You can pick a colour to fit the theme of your surroundings or change it up throughout the night. To take your party into the evening, the LED uplighters can be set to pulse in time with the music – perfect for creating an array of backdrops in your album of photos.

If you have a photographer, be sure to let them know about your lighting arrangements so that they can tailor their services to your set up. For those going it alone, be brave with your pictures and try and experiment. For instance, you could create silhouettes by having your subjects stand in front of a light source.


Having an eye for detail when it comes to decor will allow your photographer to take multiple close-up photos and create an elegant backdrop. Whether you’re a thrifty bride planning on making bunting or a birthday boy who wants a bit of bling on all the tables, make sure there’s always something to look at!

If you’re taking the pictures yourself, experiment with angles and the distance between your camera and a piece of decor. Most cameras come with autofocus and are a lifesaver when taking snaps of centre pieces or other items in extreme close-ups.

Just be sure to have a running theme as it will bring everything together.

Christmas, lights

Action Shots

Don’t just stick to the staged photos on your big day, try and throw some action shots into the mix!

Whether it’s people partying on the dance floor or catching your bouquet, try and get pictures of people actually doing things. It’ll trigger a lot more memories when looking back through them, as well as allow for a wider range of photos than just people saying cheese.

Here at Monitor Lighting, we have the perfect range of products to help you create the best possible pictures at your event. Contact us on 07950 729 708 and a member of our experienced team will be happy to help.

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