Standing Out From The Crowd: How to Make Your Party Memorable

When it comes to organising the perfect party, your number one aim should be to stand out from the crowd.  Whilst professional party planners can make this look easy, it can often be a daunting and frustrating task when attempting to plan everything alone.

We previously wrote a post on how to plan the perfect party, in which we gave tips on sending invitations, choosing a venue and booking entertainment. We are looking past the basics in this post, and focusing on what you can bring to your party that will make it a extra special and memorable occasion.


Hire a disco dance floor

How many parties have you been to where they have hired out a disco dance floor for the sole purpose of partying throughout the night? Disco dance floors put everyone in the mood to dance, and it’s a brilliant way to get people up on the dance floor. You can hire them in a variety of bright colours – perfect for creating that party atmosphere for you and your guests.

Here at Monitor Lighting, we specialise in dance floor hire in Essex, with a number of different dance floor types for you to choose from. Whether you want a standard design, or a unique starlit one – we have something to suit all individual needs.

Book a live band

Everyone expects a DJ at a party, so why not surprise them and book a live band instead? Whilst we understand why a DJ is a popular choice, we think a band offers something a little more special. Bands are engaging to watch, and it can feel like you are at your own private concert. The interactive aspect of a band is sure to get your guests excited! You can book a band who will take requests from your guests, or who will follow a specific set list that you have given them, or you can simply let the band take control and enjoy what they have to offer!

If funds allow, why not have a band and a DJ? A band can be an exciting change of pace, whilst the DJ can play music late into the night.




Go the extra mile with the lighting

Did you know that lighting can make or break a party? Having good lighting at your event is essential; it can entirely change the atmosphere of any room. Whether you want stage lighting that will keep your guests focused on the action, or you want uplighters that you can match to the theme and colours of your party – it’s always best to hire professional lighting. We guarantee that good lighting will put all your guests in a brilliant mood!

Go small with the food

Whilst everyone loves food, it’s not always best to put on lots of food at a party, or to serve a full meal. People like to drink and dance at a party, and food is often left wasted at the side of the room. We think that it’s a good idea to serve a selection of finger and party foods – easy for your guests to snack on and doesn’t break the bank. This can include; miniature pizza, sandwiches, sausage rolls, cheese sticks and small cakes. This way, your guests can pick and choose what they want to eat and don’t have to worry about finishing a whole meal.


Now that you have some inspiration for creating a wonderful and memorable party, we think you should start planning it as soon as possible!

Do you want to hire out a dance floor for that extra unique touch? Or hire professional lighting to make sure your party stands out from the crowd? Monitor Lighting can help you out.

We are specialists in providing lighting for an extensive range of events, as well as providing high quality dance floor, stage and PA hire. Whatever your needs are, we are sure to have the solution for you.

Please contact us on 07950 729708 for more information.

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