The Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Event Planning

Corporate events are vital components for businesses, as they ensure that businessmen and businesswomen have an important platform to come together and share ideas. Corporate event planning requires a different kind of planning than parties, however, and there is an increased pressure to ensure that all attendees enjoy themselves.

Having a positive event will help you to have further success in future events, so we have compiled a few suggestions of what you should and shouldn’t do when planning a corporate event.


Do: Plan Your Entertainment

Entertainment is a needed component in events, regardless of what form suits your event the best. Whether you have several speakers or a band playing, you will need to consider several factors such as stage hire and dancefloor hire.

At Monitor Lighting, we ensure that you have the professional hire of every component needed to guarantee that your corporate event runs smoothly.


Don’t: Plan Your Event Near a Holiday

Booking your corporate event near a holiday will increase the prices of venues and lower event attendance. A Friday or a Monday is also typically not good days to choose, as people often leave for long weekends with their families. Similarly, summer months need to be considered carefully, as it is a season where most people take their holidays. You want to make sure people attend your event, and trying to plan yours for after the vacation season is always a good idea.

Do: Stick To Your Budget

You’ve worked out your budget and you know exactly how much to spend on everything you need, plus a bit of emergency money. It can be tempting to go over budget but, unless strictly needed, there’s no point in going extravagant and wasting your money.


Don’t: Forget to Be There

Planning the event is, of course, extremely important. But so is being there on the day or days. You want to ensure everything goes well, and that’s not limited to great planning. Being present at the event on the day will make sure that you can tackle any unexpected issues.

Get in touch with us to know more about our services! We’re always happy to help you find the perfect solutions for your event. Give us a call on 07950 729708 or 01206 820212, and we’ll make sure that your corporate events in Essex and London are completely covered with everything you need to give you piece of mind.

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