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Hitchin, St. Albans, Baldock or Stevenage – wherever your venue or event, Monitor Lighting offer a dynamic service which will help you realise the lighting design you have dreamed of wowing your guests with. With many years of experience, the highest quality equipment and staff and the technical competence to achieve, allow us to bring your Hertfordshire event to life with our lighting acumen.

What delight is evoked at the mention of fairy lights? With Monitor Lighting to hand, you can render your guests spellbound. Twinkling, glowing and flickering overhead, our fairy light canopies have the capacity to transport party goers from your Hertfordshire venue to a picturesque grotto or space-aged expanse.

Why not push the boat out and convert the entire floor of your party room into a colourful dancefloor?! Our coloured and LED floors can light up areas large or small. They can be programmed to change colour, flash and blink – whatever suits your party and the type of atmosphere you wish to create. Adding this wonderful option to the equation can help you recreate the retro of 70’s chic, or match the zeitgeist of the moment with cutting edge cool.

Refined, classic and cultured – a traditional chess board dancefloor is an icon of society and socialising the world over. With an entry level size of three square meters, we have the capacity to fill an entire room with black and white squares if that’s the plan you have come up with to amaze your guests. On the other hand, you may wish to keep lines even more simple and have a floor made up of only black, white or natural wood finish. Whatever your needs, we Monitor Lighting can facilitate your vision.

Gently bobbing in the breeze, a lantern is a stunning yet refined illumination. Offered in different sizes to suit your needs and the specific lighting task you have in mind, these beautiful lights are ever popular inside and out in venues throughout the Hertfordshire region. Discuss the multitude of ways in which lanterns can be used to add different effects at your event with our friendly, helpful staff.

Use them to make use of shadows cast by ornaments or furniture, to throw subtle or vivid colours over large areas without needing to access them close up – uplighters are matched by no other lighting option in terms of versatility. Hung, floor mounted or hidden, our LED uplighters produce almost no heat meaning they can be deployed almost anywhere at your venue without raising health and safety concerns.

London, New York or Milan, wherever the bright lights of show business are you will see star cloths. White on black, White on White, whichever you prefer adding, one of these robust, striking cloths is vividly effective and makes your guests feel extra special. They are also a very useful means by which to hide things as required – perhaps a live band has set up but you don’t want anyone to see their equipment in the afternoon while you use the same room? With a star cloth the clutter they need can be hidden from your guests until they strike up at night.

Still undecided? Perhaps the words of others who have experienced our tried and tested service might induce you to give our team a call.

Monitor Lighting offer dedicated event managers on a contract by contract basis. All our staff have years of experience to help you relax in the knowledge that your lighting needs are being looked after by reliable, diligent operatives.

Contact us here and let Monitor Lighting add brightness and sparkle to your Hertfordshire event.

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