5 Occasions that Need a Dancefloor

There are loads of opportunities to roll out a dancefloor and get your boogie on, so when you do you may as well make it stylish. For many people, the difference between a good dancefloor and a great dancefloor is decided by glitter and lights. Fortunately for you, our range of dancefloors for hire in Essex have both. In this article, we’re going to look at how different occasions call for different types of dancefloors; from prom parties to beautiful weddings, we have the theme for you.



Wedding themes can vary depending on the lucky couple, but assuming you are going for a traditional wedding ceremony with sharp suits and white décor, then we would suggest our beautiful white dancefloor with LEDs embedded into the surface like precious diamonds.


This dancefloor is so beautiful that even those relatives who generally prefer to avoid parties will be sure to get up and join you there. For a wedding that truly sparkles, you want this dancefloor to make your first dance truly magical.

If you have decided against a traditional wedding and are looking forward to something a little different, there are plenty of different styles to choose from which you can view from our dancefloors gallery.



Birthday parties for all ages can be benefitted by a dancefloor. If you are organising a big party for some under-tens, then you should look forward to tiring them out by investing in a spectacular dancefloor like the one featured in this image:


For teenagers aspiring to grow-up quickly, you might want to opt for more glamorous dancefloor designs and woo them with a trendy soundtrack list instead.



It isn’t prom without a dancefloor, so don’t disappoint those kids who have worked so hard to attain their grades by failing to secure a dancefloor. For any prom, you want a dancefloor that says ‘success’, and you achieve this look by lighting it up:


Why wish these students a bright future when you can make it so on their prom night – adding uplighters for hire in Essex to your venue will add that extra level of glamour and attention to detail that will make the difference on an evening they will remember for the rest of their lives.



Very similar to proms, a good graduation can be made even better by adding a dancefloor. Graduation can be a tense time for a lot of students, but providing them with a dancefloor at the end of it all gives them the chance to exorcise all that nervous energy in a positive way. Make it so that they dance from one part their lives into the next with one our stunning dancefloors.


Big Reunions

Meeting people you haven’t seen for a while can sometimes cause a little anxiety, but the best way to get around that is to dance it out first. Whether you are part of a big family that has splintered across the world and is meeting again for the first time in years, or if you’re hosting the school reunion party to top all others, make the dancefloor a safe space to reconnect with old friends.


Communicate to your party that you want them to let loose and have some fun by hiring a dancefloor. We have more than one style suitable for every event, so be sure to contact us for more information about our stock; we look forward to hearing about your plans!

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